KONKA Party Trolley Speaker.

KONKA Party Trolley Speaker.

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Elegant party speaker syemthem which has all part needs covered. Weather its Kareoke party night, or streaming music from your mobile deivce via integrated Bluetooth 4.0, this all-in-one party speaker is ready to pump out your favourite music, or ehance your movie sound experiance.

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Bass Plus is designed to enhance and deepen the bass, for a richer and more realistic sound, without the need for ultra-high volumes. This enhanced Bass quality can help you feel like you’re in a real cinema, at the disco or enjoying your favourite band live.


The Party LED lights are designed to give a rhtemic blended light and sound experience, matching the music and audio. The Party Light function can be turned on or off to let you have full control of your mood. LED technology ensures that the party lighting is power efficient.


Bluetooth wireless technology for high speed seamless wireless connectivity between devices. Stream music, videos or movies directly from your phone, tablet, computer or any Bluetooth compatible device.


Do you remember singing along to your favourite songs at Karaoke night? Now you can in your own home, at any time. Dual MIC inputs and on-board mixer to mix and blend audio on the fly. With space for your tablet you can even follow the words along to your favourite hit songs!

Output Power: 300W(RMS)

Bluetooth: Yes

FM: Yes+

LED Light: Yes

USB: Yes

Remote: Yes

Dimension: w325 * H1025 * D378



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